Review – Various LL.M 001 – ( including RDMA – It Will Never Be The Same ) / GBR

british-flag LL.M is a new side label to Cologne based Noorden. It’s first turnout (tape/digital release) focuses on serene dystopian inspired house tracks. Each artist here brings a sense of detached beauty and be-wonderment to the strain. Music for the depths of your mind.

These sounds are perhaps best suited to a solo headphone experience. Alone and at the mercy of these emotive tracks, ones consciousness can wonder through time and boundless space.

Ambient goodness starts the proceedings with Supreems’ lush inward starter. It really gets you in the mood for the rest of the release. The sounds wash over you, enter your imagination and create wide open space. This track made me want to explore further. A truly defining opener.

Elsewhere on the a-side are a collection of deep, aquatic grooves; RDMA’s track flutters back and forth swelling constantly, bedazzling like a school of shimmering bait fish in the shallows.

Space Africa travels into the dark depths of the ocean. Looking up whilst submerged, the sun can be seen disappearing as the grooves grow towards a rousing sea floor. Rush Hour is a spacious and enchanting migration to the nether reaches of bass drool.

Raw M.T.’s ‘2’ further riffs on the broad, panoramic spaces of it’s predecessors. Soft pads swirl and linger propelled by monolithic percussion.

Gohan is pitch black with only the sensation of gliding through vast darkness to guide you. Bio-luminescent synth work and odd vocal samples underpin the experience to create a satisfying listen.

The B side starts with perhaps my favourite Annanan track to date. It soars high over a heady thud of a kick drum whilst meandering through space and time in an elegant and uplifting manner. Over these nine minutes the heart will warm and the head will nod.

Aschof Mal contributes a simple, stripped back track. Listen closely and enjoy the shortest track here for all it’s subtle progression. Earthern Sea rounds out the aural proceedings with a tail ended ambient track. The sun sets over the ocean. The last rays of sunshine carry melodic beauty as they light the sky to the sea. An engrossing aural conclusion.


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