RDMA @ LÄRm – Budapest/Hungary –

recorded at the Tape Hiss Label Night in Budapest.

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Artist: Various
Title: Square Collective
Label: High-Jack
Cat.N: HJ035
Format: CD limited 200 copies
Digital Release Date: 14/06/17

Time-and-space bending set of ancient yet modern-sounding house and techno deviations.

Tracklist :

1 RDMA – 008
2 SE62 – Tick Tick (Animous/ANMS Remix)
3 Peshka – Process
4 Raru – Zigota
5 Kontext / Dissident & Endwise – Occultek
6 TripPsy & Gagarin – Silence Groove
7 Shyam & Sickdisco/Cross – Sugar Acid
8 Vualitron – 23071
9 Yaroslav Lenzyak – Acidic
10 Minianimal – Brushiz
11 Matsur Veabab – Warped Sock
12 Cacao Mars – Miracle Lake Of Fire

artwork – Aleksei Bordusov / Interesni Kazki
mastered by Vacuum Tube Sound Records
design – Max Bilous

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Review :

Back once again on Hungary’s singular Tape Hiss imprint, RDMA cuts a mysterious figure as per usual and, of course, bashes out some puristic techno waves like few others at the moment. Driven by a rugged and wholesome techno sound that owes much to the Detroit school of thought, tunes like „Passion Dance“ and „To A Wild Rose, which dominate the EP’s A-side, bounce and pounce with a forward mentality; the sound is dubby and dark, the only mission being to get people up and nodding their heads the blistering 4/4 showers. There’s three more bangers on the flip, from the watery and disparate paths of „Blue In Green“, to the minimal flex of „Arboretum“, and the mechanical movements of „Arise & Shine“. If you like you’re techno raw and unfiltered, then you’ve hit the jackpot.

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Review :

The Letter – electronic music guide

Like viewing a city through a car’s rain splattered window, Little J’s Poem is full of mood and colours. Serene, distant, colourful or disorientating, often reflecting your own feelings back at you. Turn a corner and the a new scene unfolds.

RDMA has created the same feeling with this EP. Each of the tracks settles into a groove — follow the shifting hazy pads if that is where your mood takes you, or the bright synths that play around the edges. The rhythms are lively and meditative if you want to dance or just want to watch the pattern. Turn a corner and see what is next.